A modernist approach to design inspires the BARBARA ALAN collections. Starting with sartorial, classic or traditional methods they explore new ways to construct cut and finish. By deconstructing and removing the superfluous, they create by experimenting with unconventional methods to find what makes uniqueness and individuality.
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Transforming the unexpected their collections are almost engineered using lines and geometric shapes
cut from fine materials in monochromatic tones.
BARBARA ALAN have a strong modern and minimal design aesthetic.
They have the vision to look forward, using innovation in their design to give everything a unique and individual quality. They work with the latest advances in garment production, as well as using unconventional pattern cutting and construction to develop luxury and quality collections that are not only versatile but functional as well.
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BARBARA ALAN draw on their training and many years of experience working closely with some of the best talent and craftspeople within the industry to make sure everything they do is highly researched with an extreme attention to detail and finish.
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To describe BARBARA ALAN's designs as wearable sculpture is to miss the point of their serious engagement with femininity. They are in every way innovative but the unexpected – the unaccustomed fabrics, the lack of stitching, their shape-shifting transformational qualities only increase their beauty. 
They are exquisitely engineered, shaped like origami but fluid as black ink spilt over silk. They exist mysteriously without the usual structure of seams. Sharp tailoring and simple shapes become in the wearing not a disguise but a way of expressing self; partaking of beauty and mystery.
These clothes are modest, they do not shout, but it quickly becomes clear that is not all they are; they are works of art that will endure and be loved and prized as such by anyone lucky and perceptive enough to possess them.
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